What is our differences?


about school and its benefits

Our main difference - it is a holistic and individual approach. We consider each person as an integral unique system of self-adjusting contours.And the first thing we'll start with, if you want this,- we will define your original structure.

 What will you get in this case? 

1.    Understanding how your intuition works and what tools will work for you personally, and you be able to improve your skills to prediction
2.    You will be able to determine your true abilities and strengths, 
3.    You will be able to solve the issues of your interaction with other people, interaction in your team ( family , friends, business, colleagues - all these are  examples of teams with which you interact), you will be able to understand the reasons why something went against your expectations and to find tools to solve these issues.



Second, - we will be using in work with you various methods so that you learn to listen and hear yourself, other people and the surrounding space, so that you stop being a "leaky bucket". And you will done first steps to your health recovering.


You will learn both the methods of direct space scanning and the methods of Chinese metaphysics


No one can promise to you, that you will immediately become Vanga, Wolf Messing or Edgar Casey, but you will be able:

1.    To understand the causes of certain events, 

2.    To give characteristics to different people and events, even if you've never seen them before...

3.    You will be able to influence events and understand whether you have to do something or not, because you will be able to see the consequences of your actionsThe


The third thing ,which you will learn with you,- it is how to interact competently with the environment.  

Many of you have heard about the so-called "geopathogenic zones" and Hartman's lattice, but how many of you can find and use the Earth's power points, and know how to work with them?

You will learn and practice techniques that allow not only to find such places, but also to interact with them, improving your own condition.

And the fourth - no one information system is not able to work for a long time and correctly, if there are failures within its physical media- do you agree with me?

So, in our classes we will deal with the topic of biohacking and you will learn how to use vitamins, supplements and exercises to improve your physical health and to improve your results when you will be working with information